Zachariah Sebastian

by Mission Man

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released May 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Mission Man Cincinnati, Ohio

Hip-Hop Without Ego.

Mission Man began rapping in 1992, when a friend told him to "kick a rap." Gary (Mission Man) replied, "I can't rap man," but after his friend insisted, Gary did indeed kick a 30 second rap. In 1998/1999, he began playing the drums, bass, guitar, keyboard and taught himself to produce.

Music is Mission Man's passion and purpose in life.
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Track Name: Love, Funk and Soul
Chorus: This isn't sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll
It's just love, funk and soul

I don't care if you drink or not
Until you think I'm hot
I'm coming everyday giving it all I've got
Waking up, driven by love
Everyday now, yes, I'm giving enough
It's not about living it up
It's about staying grounded
And hopefully leaving this place better than I found it
It's not about getting plastered
Making everything go faster and faster
It's about staying sober
Taking it slower
Breathing it in
Feeling the grin
Chillin' with friends
And I'll do it again
It's not about spending my money, it's about earning my time
And learning to find
All the simply joys
Instead of being annoyed
By the little things
I won't let them give me brittle wings
Instead I'll soar with the strength of an eagle
And I choose to be full
Spreading love to my people


Right now
I'll spend the night out
But I'll remember that tomorrow matters too
And I won't let the sorrow splatter through
As I follow after you
I'm not a wham, bam thank you ma'am
One night stand
I won't hit it and quit it
Because I believe in commmitment
We've been together for 2 decades now
And I still feel like I'm getting this down
Because it's building me up
Filling my cup
With the water I need
Loving the air that I breathe
And for this reason I believe

Track Name: We're All Superheroes
I have reoccurring dreams of taking flight
In the night
Overcoming the plight
Of many enemies
And the places that they're sending me
Mainly I just fly
And I
Am usually invincible
I don't even wince at all
I use my powers to help those in need
With my deep seeded confidence
Instead of sitting on a fence
I'll knock it down
So when I'm found
We can travel on common ground
And if I need to, I'll elevate you
Put you on my shoulder so you can fly along
I don't need to try some wrong
To know that I've been living right
I've been given sight
That can only be achieved through the mind
As I seem to find
Myself learning the secrets to my powers
So I can make them ours
For my dreams to come true
My friends have to live them too
I want to teach the world to fly
All on the same level so no one seems to high
Or low
You know
That we're all superheroes

chorus: We're all superheroes

Superheroes have unique abilities and skills
To be the best in the worst situation
That they're facing
Overcoming horrific circumstances
Still willing to take chances
Even if the odds are long
They're at their strongest
When they're fighting for their loved ones
That's where their strength comes from
Even if their powers have different origins
From the sun to oxygen
And all the toxins in
A spider bite
The higher might
Is derived from the same place
As our hearts
We're at our best
And we're truly blessed
Nothing can stop us, even through the pain
I'd do anything for you and I know you'd do the same
If I were the one who needed to be rescued
Yes you'd
Risk your world for me
So we can see
The beauty in this world and its humanity
All the flaws and imperfections
As we pause at intersections
Doing our best when
All we have are questions
Are we destined
Or do we control our own fate
Sometimes we just have to wait
But when you're uncertain, I'll be there for you
Because you are my superhero too

Track Name: Wisdom In My Writing
The wisdom in my writing says that rhythm is inviting
Listen it's dividing, no it isn't, it's combining
Whispers as I'm trying
To kiss her while I'm flying
Bring me back from my dream
I want to go back to that scene
Relive the beauty and the pain
She wasn't just a cutie with a brain
I loved her unconditionally
But it wasn't up to me
So I had to let it be
I gave her a piece of my heart and she let it go
A love like that is something I will never know
With another soul
So I embrace the beauty of getting old
The wisdom in my writing says that rhythm is inviting
So my heart beats on
Track Name: Love
That's the Kind of Love that I want

I saw an elderly couple walking down the street
Hand in hand, feet to feet
Stride for stride walking side by side
To the rhythm of one heartbeat
With each other they're so complete
And it made think, no it made me feel
Seeing love so real
I don't know what they've been through, but I'm sure it's been a lot
In ways you can't capture with a single shot
A beauty beyond words, beyond pictures or films
Something I cannot gain in the realm
Of fiction and fantasy
Something that has to be
Experienced first hand
To understand
Every flaw embraced
Through all the mistakes
All was forgiven
This is what I think of when I think of truly living
Truly loving
It all comes from nothing
Turns into something
And takes your breath away
Until one day
You arrive in the moment long after age and time no longer have meaning
This is a future I want to be seeing
And I'm ready to risk it all
Take my falls
I'll stand tall
After I get knocked down and back up again
I'm ready for love to begin

Chorus: That's the kind of love that I want x4

I don't need to be cool
I'm ready to act the fool
Forget about embarrassment and the fear of rejection
I'll take it all for that one acceptance
I'm willing to have my heart dragged through the trenches
And stuck on the fences
While learning to climb walls
Watching time stall
To see it suddenly skip a few days, weeks, months or longer
Letting the obstacles make me stronger
So I can find the love that I'm seeking
One that makes me richer than three kings
And when I find her, yes I'll take out the trash
And get ice for a rash
Be nice with my cash
Because it'll be ours
Through the hours
The minutes
The seconds
The moments
Until time is frozen
In perfection
Realizing every rejection
Was worth it to get there
From this side it may not seem fair
But I know nothing else can truly compare
I don't care
About the stares
The glares
The judgments
The punishments
For being human
Others will see what I'm doing
But I won't let it ruin
The chances that I'll take for love
It's not about money, somehow we'll make enough
And this life will make it tough
But when we can walk side by side
Stride for stride
Hand in hand
We'll understand
What it's like to be complete
Living to the rhythm of one heartbeat

Track Name: Time
It's that time again

Time to question everything

Breaking myself into a thousand piece puzzle
Not just the fat and the muscle
The blood, sweat, bone and tears
But the fears
The things that worry me
And the big questions, like will anyone ever marry me
The why, why not
And everything I've got
Everything that wants to rule my world
As the plan is unfurled
And ripped to shreds
The secrets lying in my bed
Thrown in for bad measure
Mixed with false treasures
It's time to examine it all
As I fall
Into autumn
Rebuilding from the bottom
Looking at every piece before adding it or discarding
The easy and the hard things
Feeling it all 'til it's all overwhelming
Feeding until I don't know if I'm hungry
Thinking about those who love me
And those that said no
Most I let go
And breathed a sigh of relief
Make the breath deep
Then fight with the grief
I won't spite the belief
That my life won't be brief
I won't deny I believe
That I'll live to be 90 at least
Devouring a fat feast
To wrestle with this bad beast
There are things I question
Without exception
The failures and successes
The nos and yesses
The knows and guesses
The setbacks and lessons
Living free or destined
Past perfection
'Til I'm onto the next sin
I was never really a freshman
Because I lost my mom at 15 and started college less than a year later
Which made my fears greater
I didn't feel accepted at the university
Where no one had heard of me
Living with my grandma and working at the bookstore
Being younger than everyone else made it hurt more
And so did the fact that I would've gone to college for free
If my mom had completed her PhD
And survived the cancer
I would've found very different answers
But I won't go down the road of what if
Somehow I never even smoked one spliff
And didn't drink until I was 22
Because what I knew
For sure
Was that drugs and alcohol would never be the cure
It wasn't really about staying pure
Well, maybe a little bit
Part of me is still a little kid
Not touching drugs because my dad
Told me they were bad
But as an adult, I've made my own decisions
With the wisdom
That I have to do what's right for me
That's why I'm writing this tonight you see
Part of it's therapy
But it's mainly about fully examining me
Denying or affirming
What keeps my fire burning
Because forever I am learning
Or at least for the rest of life
And it makes for a long night
Where I'm definitely not alright
But I keep going
So I can keep growing
I take a look at my dreams
And what pursuing them really means
Part of me will always be pissed off
That I couldn't get this off
The ground
Trying to make a living from my sound
But I couldn't do it
I couldn't even make a profit off my music
And I'm trying not to lose it
Thinking about all I've lost already
And I'm not so steady
Licking my dry lips while my hands are sweaty
My face is flushed
As my thoughts cascade in a rush
A waterfall of emotion
As I leave the flood gates open
To let hope in
I have to face my doubts
To make me proud
I have to break me down
And look at the role love has played
Rejected in so many ways
I still think I'll be accepted one of these days
And not by someone old enough to be my mom
Shortly after she was gone
I was 16, and this woman was 39
And our lives intertwined
Because I liked her 15 year old daughter
But I crossed that bridge over seriously troubled waters
Then I met my soulmate
But before I could ask her out on a date
Her ex lied to me and stole her back
Causing a two year heart attack
I truly loved her
I believe she'd be the mother
Of our wonderful children
But again
That what if road is closed
And I suppose
It's for the better
Our story was a book long love letter
That no one ever got to read
And that wound occasionally still bleeds
But that scar is a part of me
One that I couldn't change if I wanted to
When I see it in the mirror, I say I love you
Then I question my philosophies
And if they're honestly
Holding me back or lifting me up
Am I giving too much
Am I taking enough
Am I making it tougher
Than it has to be
I reflect on family
And how much it matters
Even if they're scattered
Thousands of miles apart
They're always in my heart
Do I take too many risks and are they the right ones
Do I sacrifice tonight to make my life fun
Am I making the wrong turns
Thinking about the long term
And not focusing enough on this moment
Not knowing
If it's safe
Somethings I have to take on faith
Because hope is what makes freedom so valuable
No matter how you fall
Track Name: Year Long Winter
It's just like my grandma used to say
I'm feeling tired, uninspired, and a little blase
Once upon a time I was on my way
But not today

Chorus: It's been a year long winter

I hit the road and it became a little lonely
The lights
Burning bright
In my eyes came to own me
I was driving all around but I didn't know the
Direction I was heading in
I was sending in
And at first it seemed like a win
Riding with the wind
'Til I paused and it blew cold right in my face
I wasn't liking the taste
It made me sick
And then I got hit
Got run right off the road
And it was oh so cold
I was feeling old
And questioning everything I have told
To myself for 20 years
Overcame so many fears
Because I didn't take the time to be scared
I just made the rhymes and then prepared
There was so much to do
Of course I knew
That societal pressures were ever present
But I laughed in the face of several lessons
Until I took the time to ask some questions
And I froze

And I froze


That was about ten months ago
Right now it's about ten below
Inside and out
And I'm hiding in the house
Lighting that spark again
From within
I've made it harder than it has to be
I used to just smile when they laughed at me
But I've let in some doubts
And it's time to get them out
Time to get back to what I'm all about
Getting warmed up and getting back on the route
That I was on
For so so long
And I gotta get back and go so strong
It's time to face the cold
Embrace my soul
Forget about mistakes and erase them all


Spring's coming
And I'm running
And I'm knowing that it's time to go
Feeling like I'm 13 and there's time to grow
That's when I peaked because I opened my soul
I let in the music
And used it
To improve every part of me
So I could laugh so heartily
I was kindling fires, now I'm sparking the
Fire within
That's where this change has to begin
Track Name: Next Lifetime
My next lifetime starts now
As my heart pounds
Forgetting about what could've been and working on what can be
I'm onto plan Z
Zachariah Sebastian
It's a name of passion
Not fame or fashion
My game is laughing
The same attraction
Of player to champion
Is what drives me to do what can't be done
I am the one
Who goes from practice squad
To having half the quad
Telling me
I'm the BMOC
And I'm doing it to be free
And overcome the troubles of the past
Love is all that lasts
True love the deepest kind
That I seek to find
And keep in mind
Every moment I'm alive
Whether I'm scoring on the drive
Or preparing for the big game
And after it's over and no one knows my name
And the story of my glory fades
Barely remembered on the tattered page
Only a flash on the shattered stage
Advancing to a latter age
I won't be stuck in a batter's cage

Chorus: My next lifetime starts now as my heart pounds
I won't back down as I raise the ground
I'm putting it in ink, you can't erase it now
I'll keep growing because I know how

I closed a very long chapter in a monstrous book
It's filled with laughter if you want to look
To get there, pain and sacrifice is what it took
It wasn't just one verse with a silly hook
If you read it page by page
You may find it strange
In a different age
Changes are it will even change
Because perspective affects reality
What's real to us is what we see
And when we change, everything else does too
I did everything I could to make my dreams come true
And I lived them for a long while
Going out with strong smiles
Even through the wrong miles
Because I knew where to go, but not how to get there
And yes I'm battling some bitterness
Thinking about what did I miss
And if it's too late for the sweetest kiss
That's why I don't reminisce
Long enough for it
To make me quit
And give up on the here and now
It's not about cheering crowds
It's about doing what I need
So I can succeed
In this lifetime because I'm not waiting for the next one

Track Name: Just Getting Started
I'm 36
And you heard me since
I was 17
Passionately pursuing the best of dreams

chorus: And I'm just getting started

Will you come with me as I start it up?
Yes, we're just getting started

It was difficult to accept
As I took that deep breath
And let the frost hit my lungs
That something I'd been doing since I was very young
Seemed like it was done
The dream was gone
And the scene moved on
But as I replay it in my mind
I know I'll find
Continued inspiration
And new aspirations
I've played 17 states, plus an open mic in Tokyo
I woke up every morning saying that I've got to go
170 songs
And still going strong
No amount of heckling
Would let me give up on this thing
I didn't care about those who'd insult me when I sing
I'd still bring
Every bit of my soul
Because music made me whole
Sure the lonely nights on the road took a toll
But that wasn't enough
To make me give up
Because through the negative
I still continued to give
And it started to pay off slowly
When some fans truly came to know me
That connection showed me
What makes life truly great
And lessened the weight
And the mountain became a feather
Even in inclimate weather
Torrential rains
My vision
But I didn't have to see to feel that I was winning
So my mind kept spinning
As my wheels hydroplaned
And I couldn't find my lane
So I kicked it up another gear
Driving with no fear
Even after some drunks drove me off the road
I could still carry the load
Until I realized that my best wasn't quite good enough
It didn't matter that I was tough
I chased my dream until it disappeared
And it took me over a year
To go from there to here
I've learned a lot along the way
And now I'm proud to say

That I'm just getting started
Come with me and we'll start it up
We're just getting started

I'm living in the moment
Saving up money to open
The Music Arcade
Tracking every dollar I've made
And how much I've saved
I've got my business plan with my spreadsheet
And I'm still Mission Man in my bedsheets
Sleeping on a twin
Sacrificing so I can begin
To give back to my hometown
It took knowing what I know now
To figure out how
To make the scene better
And letting it act as a teen center
In the afternoons
Bringing laughter soon
To my community
Making things better for you and me
And hopefully
Helping others live their own dreams
Showing them the love my fans have shown me
And helping them go free
And doing it with the same passion
And satisfaction
That I've had from rapping
And making music
I get to use it
For something greater than myself
And more important than wealth


There's still so much to accomplish and live for
I probably won't go on another big tour
But I will still experience love and start a family
And live happily
Giving never
A new definition
Revising my wishing
To be about my children
This is the future I'm building
That's why I'm willing
To work so hard
To earn the yard
I'll fight for the inch
And it'll seem like a cinch
When my home amplifies my heart
And I can impart
My wisdom
On my kids some
I'm on my way
And I'm happy to say

Track Name: Beauty Of Song
I start off with a single thought and then expand
Write it out by hand
Using my pen like a brush
Letting the ink and the paper touch
Slow it down, there's no need to rush
But sometimes it comes out in a flood
Mixing with the dirt, turning it to mud
Painting a picture, then animating it frame by frame
No moment is the same
As another
My instruments all believe in each other
Whether I lead with drums
Then lay down some
Bass groove
That stays smooth
So my guitar
Can shine like a star

Or I start with the keys
I believe in me
I don't always know
How music comes from my soul
Because I'm not in control
At least not completely
But I can see
The night sky
In my mind's eye
Each note adding to the tapestry
Comedy or tragedy
This is how it has to be
Each brushstroke adding definition and depth
Until all that's left
Is imagination filling in the rest
I do my best
To express
And so it's written
There's nothing else to fit in
The song is done
But its life has just begun
The song embraces its fate
It's too late
To add anything to the landscape
The portrait is painted
But before it is faded
It takes its first step on its own
No longer completely unknown
Nowhere near full grown
We can make a movie about it
If time and resources allow it
Now it's not just sound, but you can see it too
You can its pictures move
They can soothe
Or make you groove
And you'll remember it more
But even if it's just a score
Without a kinetascope
It can live on and give hope
I can perform it live
And watch as it thrives
Witness it arrive
To another moment in its lifespan
Now it's no longer in my hands
Where it goes from here
Is up to the cheers
And the ears of the listeners
Over the din of the whisperers
Will it rise and cause a roar from the crowd
Will it make them proud
So they play it loud
For all their friends to hear
Will they hold it dear
And let it get near
Their own hearts and souls
This is something I cannot control
And that's why it's so beautiful
The landscape I painted
Of the song I created
Has turned into its own town, its own city
It's so pretty
It may even have created its own countryside
And gone worldwide
Its own world, with its own solar system
I just loaned it rhythm
It has its own soul
Its own blues
Its own hues
And it's so true
Music, I know you
You're so much more
Than I could ever hope for
I offer my sincere appreciation
And elation
At being a part of something so much bigger than me
My song could live on for eternity
And it's because of you
The one who
Is listening right now
I need to get this thought down

I am very honored to have my music be a part of your life
Track Name: Show Time
It's time to wake up
Mkae myself some breakfast
What comes next is
Time to do some work or maybe find some
Staying on the grind until the night comes
Looking forward to show time
So I can go rhyme
And in my mind

Chorus: It's show time
It's time to bust moves
And time to just groove
And time to let loose

Working everyday to build a better future
This is my life and this is what I do to
Try to make it better on a day to day basis
Covering my bases
Trading some of my hours for dollars so I can spend them
Paying utilities so companies don't suspend them
And yes
I've gotta get through the stress
Of being able to pay my rent
So many hours and dollars already spent
And I haven't got gas or filled my belly yet
So I take a break, relax with the tele set
Back to work for a while
Find a way to smile
Knowing that my hours are adding up
I hit the point in the day where I know I've had enough
I'm so ready for the moment that I love


I'm done making money for my time
And I'm
Moving on
So my groove is strong
Practicing my dance moves
In my bedroom
Learning my bed against the wall so I can just zoom
Back and forth
So I can stay on course
And mabe rehearse until my voice is hoarse
Hoping the crowd comes, but the choice is yours
Playing the drums, bass, guitar and keyboard
Playing around with the chords
Until I find the soound
That makes me want to get down
Spending hours in the session
Getting my expression right
So I can get in a fresh set tonight


This is the moment that I truly love
It's just proof that the groove's enough
It's not about me or you, it's us
Coming together in the moment, we own it, and I know why
Dancing and singing in unison is so fly
The moment when "oh my"
Becomes "oh ours"
Knowing that this minute is better than those hours
Everybody's winning and we're all getting more powers
Feeling collectively invincible
Feel like we'll win it all
Just by keeping the music spinning all
And everyone's feeling alright


And it's our time!