Beauty Of Song

from by Mission Man



I start off with a single thought and then expand
Write it out by hand
Using my pen like a brush
Letting the ink and the paper touch
Slow it down, there's no need to rush
But sometimes it comes out in a flood
Mixing with the dirt, turning it to mud
Painting a picture, then animating it frame by frame
No moment is the same
As another
My instruments all believe in each other
Whether I lead with drums
Then lay down some
Bass groove
That stays smooth
So my guitar
Can shine like a star

Or I start with the keys
I believe in me
I don't always know
How music comes from my soul
Because I'm not in control
At least not completely
But I can see
The night sky
In my mind's eye
Each note adding to the tapestry
Comedy or tragedy
This is how it has to be
Each brushstroke adding definition and depth
Until all that's left
Is imagination filling in the rest
I do my best
To express
And so it's written
There's nothing else to fit in
The song is done
But its life has just begun
The song embraces its fate
It's too late
To add anything to the landscape
The portrait is painted
But before it is faded
It takes its first step on its own
No longer completely unknown
Nowhere near full grown
We can make a movie about it
If time and resources allow it
Now it's not just sound, but you can see it too
You can its pictures move
They can soothe
Or make you groove
And you'll remember it more
But even if it's just a score
Without a kinetascope
It can live on and give hope
I can perform it live
And watch as it thrives
Witness it arrive
To another moment in its lifespan
Now it's no longer in my hands
Where it goes from here
Is up to the cheers
And the ears of the listeners
Over the din of the whisperers
Will it rise and cause a roar from the crowd
Will it make them proud
So they play it loud
For all their friends to hear
Will they hold it dear
And let it get near
Their own hearts and souls
This is something I cannot control
And that's why it's so beautiful
The landscape I painted
Of the song I created
Has turned into its own town, its own city
It's so pretty
It may even have created its own countryside
And gone worldwide
Its own world, with its own solar system
I just loaned it rhythm
It has its own soul
Its own blues
Its own hues
And it's so true
Music, I know you
You're so much more
Than I could ever hope for
I offer my sincere appreciation
And elation
At being a part of something so much bigger than me
My song could live on for eternity
And it's because of you
The one who
Is listening right now
I need to get this thought down

I am very honored to have my music be a part of your life


from Zachariah Sebastian, released May 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Mission Man Cincinnati, Ohio

Hip-Hop Without Ego.

Mission Man began rapping in 1992, when a friend told him to "kick a rap." Gary (Mission Man) replied, "I can't rap man," but after his friend insisted, Gary did indeed kick a 30 second rap. In 1998/1999, he began playing the drums, bass, guitar, keyboard and taught himself to produce.

Music is Mission Man's passion and purpose in life.
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