Next Lifetime

from by Mission Man



My next lifetime starts now
As my heart pounds
Forgetting about what could've been and working on what can be
I'm onto plan Z
Zachariah Sebastian
It's a name of passion
Not fame or fashion
My game is laughing
The same attraction
Of player to champion
Is what drives me to do what can't be done
I am the one
Who goes from practice squad
To having half the quad
Telling me
I'm the BMOC
And I'm doing it to be free
And overcome the troubles of the past
Love is all that lasts
True love the deepest kind
That I seek to find
And keep in mind
Every moment I'm alive
Whether I'm scoring on the drive
Or preparing for the big game
And after it's over and no one knows my name
And the story of my glory fades
Barely remembered on the tattered page
Only a flash on the shattered stage
Advancing to a latter age
I won't be stuck in a batter's cage

Chorus: My next lifetime starts now as my heart pounds
I won't back down as I raise the ground
I'm putting it in ink, you can't erase it now
I'll keep growing because I know how

I closed a very long chapter in a monstrous book
It's filled with laughter if you want to look
To get there, pain and sacrifice is what it took
It wasn't just one verse with a silly hook
If you read it page by page
You may find it strange
In a different age
Changes are it will even change
Because perspective affects reality
What's real to us is what we see
And when we change, everything else does too
I did everything I could to make my dreams come true
And I lived them for a long while
Going out with strong smiles
Even through the wrong miles
Because I knew where to go, but not how to get there
And yes I'm battling some bitterness
Thinking about what did I miss
And if it's too late for the sweetest kiss
That's why I don't reminisce
Long enough for it
To make me quit
And give up on the here and now
It's not about cheering crowds
It's about doing what I need
So I can succeed
In this lifetime because I'm not waiting for the next one



from Zachariah Sebastian, released May 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Mission Man Cincinnati, Ohio

Hip-Hop Without Ego.

Mission Man began rapping in 1992, when a friend told him to "kick a rap." Gary (Mission Man) replied, "I can't rap man," but after his friend insisted, Gary did indeed kick a 30 second rap. In 1998/1999, he began playing the drums, bass, guitar, keyboard and taught himself to produce.

Music is Mission Man's passion and purpose in life.
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