Open Mic

from by Mission Man



Chorus: This is my open mic
And I'm hopin' tonight
That when I show you my light
You'll understand what I write

This is me
Showing you my heart with my words
I don't know where to start, but you may have heard
That there's a stage and it's open to all
I don't know how many of you are hoping I'll fall
But, even if I fall all the way down
To the ground
And cut my face
On the broken shards of my empty plate
I'm still thankful I've ate
And I have much respect
For anyone who gets through the open mic check
Because the first verse
I dispersed
In person
Made me so nervous
That I couldn't breathe through my dry mouth
As my eyes dried out
And gave me a headache
But I knew I still didn't make
A mistake
When I opened the gate
And changed my fate
So now when I wake
I'm really awake
Never baked
Never fried or burned out
Thankful for what I've learned now
No how matter how many times I've been turned down
I've had to learn how
To get past endless rejections
Achieving stupendous reflections
Through horrendous dejections
By mal intended inflections
To gain tremendous acceptions


This might be the first time that you hear this
And it may not be the clearest
Even if you get near this
You may miss some lyrics
And for you this is just a moment
I don't own it
I'm just hoping to rent
Maybe open some vents
So my words can circulate
I don't know if you heard this late
Or if you're even listening
Sometimes I hear people whispering
And it's louder
Than the crowd or
My monitors
At home or on a tour
I'm just rubbing together two sticks in a rain storm
Trying to stay warm
So I can light some fires
Going from inspired to inspiring
As I admire the fire rings
And overcome the trials to acquire the finer things
Hoping these moments will aggregate
Until my fate
is living my dreams
While feeling the screams
Drown out the whispers
Growing more than whiskers
Sleeping in my vehicle
So I can see it all
Sometimes I don't sleep at all
I stay up for days
Thinking of ways
To bring in my gaze
As I sing in a daze
And I'm confident
That my music is good enough
And my skin is tough
But walking up
Three steps
Still requires deep breaths
As I perform for strangers
Sometimes I have to overcome their anger
Until they feel closer than neighbors
I've overcome a lot of hatred
As I've made this
To the love that I'm feeling now
And that love is much more valuable than money
And I love that some of you love me
Which is what I'm focused on
And why I don't write hopeless songs
Because when hope is gone
So am I


I've had some magical times
Better than classical rhymes
And I don't need validation from the masses
Waiting for it's like watching molasses
Pass us
I don't need to be half as fly
As the guy
Eating pie
In the sky
I just want my feet in the dirt
As I sleep in the earth
I know what the love of people is worth
Because I can't do it alone
I only have two hands and a microphone
Sometimes I try to call out but there's no dial tone
So I need you to hear me and share me with friends
I don't have the ends
To make millions of ears bend
So click share and hit send
So when I ride off to the sunset
I know I'm not done yet
I'll keep riding through the night
Guided by your light

Chorus: ...
When I show you my life, you'll understand what I write.


from 25, released January 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Mission Man Cincinnati, Ohio

Hip-Hop Without Ego.

Mission Man began rapping in 1992, when a friend told him to "kick a rap." Gary (Mission Man) replied, "I can't rap man," but after his friend insisted, Gary did indeed kick a 30 second rap. In 1998/1999, he began playing the drums, bass, guitar, keyboard and taught himself to produce.

Music is Mission Man's passion and purpose in life.
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