Time To Make It Happen

from by Mission Man



My voice is my wisdom
My choices, decisions
Actions and lack of
Have brought me to see what's wrong with my life
So it's time to make it write
Time to make it happen
Time to fill my life with my music and my rapping
My apartment's a mess
And I'm feeling the stress
Of being behind on bills
And I've lost my will
For a moment
As my mind is roaming
All over the universe
As my thoughts disperse
To everywhere except where they belong
Time to relocate what makes me strong
Time to face the facts and relax

chorus: Time to make it right, time to make it happen
Time to fill my life with my music and my rapping

I'm 21, just ten years later
Time to flip the switch on the fader
I won't give into the dark side like Vader
I refuse to feel envy
Or jealousy
Because I'm doing well you see
I've been through more than one or two of these
So I'll make the most of my opportunities
Because I have a job that's great because of my potential
To make my growth exponential
And be so influential
Letting others learn from what I've done
Creating what I've become
I have to accept
That there's much beyond my control
But I won't let anger devour my soul
I won't let it be
That fear controls my destiny
Instead I choose extacy
By accepting me
I will work hard for what I love
And I know that will be enough
Even if everything else crumbles to dust
I won't stumble from lust
Instead I'll double my trust
And love all I was
As I embrace change
And erase chains
From the picture
And switch hurt
To pleasure
And treasure
Everything I've created
Knowing that I've made it

chorus: My life is filled with my music and my rapping
My heart is filled with true love and passion
My ears are filled with echoes from my laughing
I will always make it right when I make it happen


from 25, released January 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Mission Man Cincinnati, Ohio

Hip-Hop Without Ego.

Mission Man began rapping in 1992, when a friend told him to "kick a rap." Gary (Mission Man) replied, "I can't rap man," but after his friend insisted, Gary did indeed kick a 30 second rap. In 1998/1999, he began playing the drums, bass, guitar, keyboard and taught himself to produce.

Music is Mission Man's passion and purpose in life.
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