U Inspire Me

from by Mission Man



You inspire me to be the best that I've ever been
You inspire me
You inspire me

My heart thumps and I grieve
I love and I believe
That part of you will live forever in me
The only way for me to be free
Is in the passionate pursuit of my dreams
There have been times where it's been too much
And there was once where I even gave up
And it was the worst decision that I've ever made
Now every single gig that I play
Is precious
So I let them make me breathless
Because I don't need to breathe
And I don't need to eat
I don't need shelter
From the helter skelter
I just need to experience the moment
In Time
From Morris Day to the darkest night
I'm going to party for my right to fight
Because you made an incision
And cut out the part of my brain that does the bitching
I don't know
Who does know
But where I go
I take you with me
So let's go crazy
Because I'd rather die doing what I love than live my life without it
So I can't quit
Ever again
Even if it takes forever to win
I'll keep playing for eternity
Because you inspire me

This isn't a game
The doves are crying over you
But they're flying over too
As the sky rains purple
And biplanes circle
So you can check the rhyme the with me
I haven't forgotten what I've heard
Because I cleaned out my ears and just checked the word
I'll remember the time
Forever in my mind
You did what you loved to do
And even if you didn't, I would still love you
But since you did
I have known since I was a kid
That I want to live
The way that you lived
With a strong work ethic and an ever stronger love
With longer hugs
I was never insecure
Because your love is pure


from 25, released January 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Mission Man Cincinnati, Ohio

Hip-Hop Without Ego.

Mission Man began rapping in 1992, when a friend told him to "kick a rap." Gary (Mission Man) replied, "I can't rap man," but after his friend insisted, Gary did indeed kick a 30 second rap. In 1998/1999, he began playing the drums, bass, guitar, keyboard and taught himself to produce.

Music is Mission Man's passion and purpose in life.
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